Here’s a few items that will be part of our charity drawing for ROCK UNITED 10, and more items will be coming soon, so please check back often.....

Donated by Brian Killian

Donated by Clutch Motorcycle School!

Autographed KJ Hamler Broncos Jersey donated by Bryan Miller

Ibanez Electric Guitar donated by the band “Krisis”

United Airlines 787 Model donated by the Denver Mainliner

$200 Gift Card for Elway’s Restaurant donated by Frank Bertuca

One Hour ride in North American T-6 Texan! Donated by UAL Captain Andy Irwin

Ride in WW2 Vintage Stearman Biplane (located in Tampa, Fl), Donated by UAL Captain Bryan Miller

Ride in 1951 DH-1 Chipmunk, donated by Jim McKinstry.